Simple ways to save more on your next vacation booking

Simple ways to save more on your next vacation booking

Taking a break from work is becoming more and more important owing to busy and hectic schedules that can easily take over our lives if we let it. Also, everybody has a dream vacation that they absolutely deserve to take. And today, with online booking, the planning process has become ever so simplified. The only problem is that it can be difficult to work with a budget and still have a good time on your trip.

So to get you started, we have found some interesting ways you can easily save money the next time you decide to cross off a place on the map. Check them out.

Book with local search platforms
No doubt the best place to find hotels and flights would be to check out the top five websites every travel and leisure magazine recommends. But you might also do better with regional search platforms that offer similar services. For example, down under, in Australia and New Zealand, you can plan your vacation and book on Wotif and Hotel F1 (exclusive chain of hotels). If you are planning a trip to Asian countries, websites like Ctrip and Agoda feature local and regional bookings. There are a number of budget hotels you can explore and book the cheapest flights well in advance to get there.

Opt for memberships
If you are a frequent traveler, it is always a good idea to take up subscriptions or memberships on popular websites. For example, Expedia gives you exclusive member’s only prices whereas™ offers exclusive prices and one free night’s stay if you collect 10 stamps or more. and Agoda are also popular alternatives that offer rewards-based programs for their member. You can redeem points and cash in on discount vouchers to save loads of money on your next trip. So spend a few minutes, sign up for their program, and explore your options.

Book ahead of time
Planning a trip in December? Book four or maybe five months ahead of the peak holiday rush season to avoid surge pricing. Many popular options like Airbnb offer advance booking wherein you can plan your stay well ahead of time to avail the cheapest rates for even some of the luxurious stays. But, ensure you choose the one that also offers free cancellation right up to the date of the trip. This method is called holding the rate as after you book your hotel or private stay, and it doesn’t fluctuate even if prices for similar accommodations surge. When you are sure of your trip, you can book a nonrefundable rate on Expedia or to avail of a bigger discount.

Get a hotel rewards card
Several popular banks and financial institutions offer a rewards card exclusively for hotel and flight bookings. Earn points each trip and you can redeem the same on the next one. Using the rewards program, you are practically making your money back. Simply sign up for the card, hit the spending limit, and cash in on your rewards with your purchases the next time. You can avail introductory flight miles for bonus bookings and book hotels in the credit card’s network at massive discounts without worrying about blackout dates. Most cards also waive off annual fees and booking charges. So it’s a wise choice to use your card exclusively for all the spending on your next vacation.

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