5 ideal cell phone plans for senior citizens

5 ideal cell phone plans for senior citizens

Cell phone plans for senior citizens are designed by communication companies keeping in mind the need for fair pricing, reliable coverage, and ample talktime and data. Some cell phone plans also include senior-specific features in their plans as an added benefit. Here are the best cell phone plans for 2021 for seniors.

This cell phone provider offers unlimited plans for seniors, making it one of the best cell phone plans for 2021. There are no hassles of annual service contracts, and seniors get unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $27.50 a month. Included in all the senior plans is the ScamShield, a service that helps reduce the number of scam calls seniors often receive. 

Senior citizens are often left out in the cold regarding cell phone plans, as many options available today are designed specifically for younger users. They’re not just expensive but loaded with features that seniors may not need or want, like unlimited data and international calling. Yet there are plenty of cell phone plans perfect for senior citizens, which are simple, affordable, and easy to use, all while providing the essential features that older users need.

Which cell phone plans are perfect for senior citizens?
If you’re a senior citizen and searching for a cell phone plan, here are some things to consider:

T-Mobile – best unlimited plan
If you’re looking for cell phone plans perfect for senior citizens, look no further than T-Mobile. Its monthly plans are $27.50 for unlimited talk, text, and data. This plan is excellent for seniors who want to stay connected with loved ones but don’t want to spend more than they can afford. Suppose you need more than unlimited talk and text; in that case, other plans offer features like international calling, Wi-Fi hotspots, and TV streaming services.

Mint Mobile – most affordable plans
If you’re scouting for a cell phone plan that’s affordable and reliable, look no further. Mint has one of the market’s most reasonable cell phone plans starting at $15 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data. With no contracts or hidden fees, it’s easy to switch if you don’t like what they offer.

Lively – best safety features
Lively is ideal if you’re looking for a plan to keep your loved ones safe. The cheapest plan is $14.99 monthly for talk only, and the most expensive is $19.99 for unlimited talk and text. The plans start at the lowest tier and are upgradeable with more features. Lively’s cell phone plans also come with multiple safety features like GPS tracking, automatic call forwarding, remote lock and wipe, and location alerts. Consider Lively if you would like to set up your loved ones with a cell phone plan to help them stay safe in an emergency.

Cricket Wireless – best family plans
Cricket Wireless offers cell phone plans perfect for senior citizens in the industry. Starting at $25 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, Cricket is ideal for families of any size. This plan includes four lines with unlimited talk and text plus 10GB of high-speed 4G LTE data per line. The price for this plan is only $100 per month. This is an excellent option for seniors looking for a new cell phone plan or those who want to upgrade their current mobile plan. New customers can take advantage of Cricket’s no-contract service plans that give you more flexibility and control over your monthly bill.

AT&T Unlimited
If you’re looking for a cell phone plan perfect for senior citizens, it is AT&T Unlimited. This plan costs only $40 monthly and comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. You can use your phone to call family members and friends as much as you want and also send texts whenever you’d like.

Bottom line: is an excellent resource for finding cell phone plans perfect for senior citizens because it offers an easy-to-use and reliable platform that aggregates information from multiple sources to help you make the best choice.

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